Information Booklet on GU-FYUGP (Curriculum and Credit Framework)

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FYUGP Progression

FYUGP Core Syllabi

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FYUGP Common Syllabi

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                                    Regulations for Examinations (Under NEP 2020)                                                  

Syllabi for the first three semesters are  available for all Core Courses. Full Syllabi (for 3-Year)  are now available for the following GU-FYUGP Core Courses.

To see the syllabi for Bachelor's Degree in Vocation (BVoc) click here.

Using GU-FYUGP or Other Syllabi
All syllabi available at the GU's Syllabus Portal ( are copyrighted material. Unathorised copying and distribution of these syllabi will amount to violation of Intellectual Property Rights.

Any institution (other than GU and the affiliated colleges except the autonomous colleges) who would like to use these syllabi, either in totality or in parts, MUST obtain prior permission to do so by writing to the Registrar, Gauhati University (email to Any such use also MUST be acknowledged by the institution through their website / portal / course related downloadable material etc.
The above rule also applies to the Autonomous Colleges, affiliated to GU.

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