FYUGP Subjects : Prerequisites, Requirements & Constraints


The prerequisites are subjects that a student must have studied (and passed) in an earlier level of education (usually Class XI & XII) in order to be able to choose a subject under GU-FYUGP. Essentially, all the levels of a subject have their prerequisites, which are spelled out very visibly in the cover page of a course syllabus.


In contrast to the prerequisites, requirements are certain conditions attached to some core subjects. For example, if a student wants to study Botany as a core subject, Chemistry as another core subjects has to be chosen. This is a ‘requirement’. However, if one chooses Chemistry, there is no requirements.


Constraints refer to the maximum number of subjects a student can choose from a particular subject-group. For example, one can choose a maximum of any two subjects from the group – Biological Science & Anthropology. This is a ‘constraints’ for this group.

The prerequisites & requirements are shown below: